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What I really love about this gallery is the fact that none of your characters (save simple line art) suffer from having the same pose. Even though anatomically your humans are a bit odd looking, you're drawing them in interesting and difficult poses. That, no matter how talented, is a hard thing to do. I also see that hands are very prevalent in your drawings, which is another very difficult thing to do. Usually, it's pretty easy to spot an insecure artist (not /bad/ artists. I suffer from this too) by the way they draw their hands. You clearly don't have this problem and I believe the biggest reason some of your older characters have such odd proportions is because you're taking risks and exploring different things. This will, unconditionally and always, improve your skills.

This is my favorite of your drawings, by far. I love it. It's like a feminine Lugia. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for, but to me it reads like the love child of Milotic and Lugia with all the gorgeous in between. The imagination alone make this piece stand out to me. It's just so lovely! n_n;

Lastly, those sculptures... wow. Those are awesome! I've only ever dabbled in three-dimensional art, so seeing these is a real blast from the past for me. Seldom do we see people posting pictures of sculptures so it's a real treat! That Psyduck is so adorable! Easily my favorite. My only advice is that you be careful when painting them (you are painting them once they're set, right?). For instance, they're some blue paint on the underside of Skitty's ear. But it's so hard to paint on a curved / textured surface, so it's definitely the clay's fault more than your own. Not to mention those pastries look yummy so yeah! :3

Also, I just noticed the rose on the girl's dress. That is really, really well done. Otherwise, please post more of your sailor girls! We love seeing that kind of stuff! I hope you have more sculptures too, cause those are truly special. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you make them! <333;
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