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Quote originally posted by Birthday Thunder:
I don't know what his IV's are but I trained him in attack and HP.
His nature is Brave with a "loves to eat" characteristic. I put the EV's in attack and HP.
OT is Venus (my black version 2 trainer)
Ability is multiscale
Starts are as follows:
lvl 100
Sp. Attack: 231
Sp. Defense: 226

He has Pokerus too.
I'd be interested. Yes I can clone it and give it back to you. But can you PM me a legality analisys first, please?

Quote originally posted by j102ede:
Would you trade my male level 17 shiny ralts for your shiny rotom, im about to run to the store but i could get a pokecheck for it when i come back
Yes, thank you, I'd like to see the analisys first.