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Originally Posted by Birthday Thunder View Post
I don't know what his IV's are but I trained him in attack and HP.
His nature is Brave with a "loves to eat" characteristic. I put the EV's in attack and HP.
OT is Venus (my black version 2 trainer)
Ability is multiscale
Starts are as follows:
lvl 100
Sp. Attack: 231
Sp. Defense: 226

He has Pokerus too.
I'd be interested. Yes I can clone it and give it back to you. But can you PM me a legality analisys first, please?

Originally Posted by j102ede View Post
Would you trade my male level 17 shiny ralts for your shiny rotom, im about to run to the store but i could get a pokecheck for it when i come back
Yes, thank you, I'd like to see the analisys first.

and i will love to see that day
that day is mine
when she will marry me outside with the willow trees