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The only way a video game can be worse than a gun is if the person playing the game can't distinctly judge between fiction and reality, and what is right or wrong. And that's a very small number of people, so nobody should have to worry. Of course I know that when I play MadWorld, there's 2 things that are true:

1. Jack is a fictional character. Simple and solid fact.
2. Putting a chainsaw on your arm to dismember people probably won't be as easy as it looks, and I'll be in a fair amount of pain myself from the immense amount of vibrations going straight into my arm.

But there's the odd person that'll think otherwise.

Now, if the Government thinks games are causing the problems, look to past events. How many of them were triggered through video games? And one other question: What's the ratio of gun owners to video game players? I'm certain one number will be much higher than the other.
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