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So most people don't normally realise I'm up high in the sky at night searching for the occasional Hydreigon attack but I can assure you my flock of Swablus and Altarias make great coverage, what do I see? this one person flying on a Togekiss, I'm thinking that guy is asking to be caught, like my grandfather taught me "rule 1 of nature: never stand out", of course this guy was as obvious as ever and you know what I spy on his Togekiss? a Shaymin! I thought to myself it would be useful to have one for healing affects so I command my Swablus and Altarias to use Cotton Spore and fly towards them as to create a sort of cloud and before the other guy knew it I was flying away nestled in my lead Altaria.

Now I knew the guy would suspect Shaymin would be missing, so I swapped out to a different terrain; the underground and used my Excadrill, Dugtrio and Sandslash to dig underneath and then cap the hole shut, of course this must've been my lucky day because I stumbled upon a giant lava lake filled with fire types and there was so much to explore, so I got my Altaria to Sing the Shaymin to sleep and I headed down to explore this area.

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