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Quote originally posted by TRIFORCE89:
Perhaps not (35 years is outrageous in either event, anyway). And 35 years would have been the maximum sentence, doesn't mean that's what he going to receive.

Prosecutors told his attorney a few days before he committed suicide that realistically he was only looking at six months. Would have been good if someone actually told him that. Perhaps he wouldn't have taken his life.

It still worries me that even the maximum can be over a year or two in any case, though I concede this would be a matter for another thread if I were to continue going on about it.

Quote originally posted by twocows:
In addition to what I said earlier, there's been one constant thought going through my mind every time I hear about this: "martyr." They turned him into one, now they get to reap the consequences.
I'm not sure I follow your wording. Who's reaping the consequences and what are they?
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