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Earth is all we have; the only consequential thing we could possibly do right now is maintain the environment, so why not? We cannot enact space travel in a necessarily useful capacity at present (ie. settle and exploit other worlds, including asteroids). Our technology isn't there yet, possibly due to lack of investment — but more importantly, our culture isn't there yet, and that's the entity doing the investing. If we cannot care about our planet, and about raising good generations within our own species and those which are useful to us, we can no longer be entitled to survival in the universe.

True, nothing is of evident consequence if the universe will 'die', but will it? We don't know, per se, nor if there is necessarily one universe. It would make no difference if we died trying to find out, but if we tried and succeeded as living things to perpetuate ourselves eternally, we would be the very consequence of our actions. That, I think, is the best we could hope for.
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