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Originally Posted by BullZai View Post
Karatekid, thanks, the script is now compiled!

I now have another problem.
When I insert the right offset in Advance Map, and i click on open script, the offset that opens in XSE is different.
Example: The offset in AM is 7209382, then I click open script, and the offset changes to 2093872.
Any solutions for this problem? Thanks in advance.
Why are your offsets in the ram?

Offsets in the game need to be xxxxxx (6 characters). The only way they should be different is if you are specifying which part of the ram they are in, which you don't need to do. (This is why 08 is put in front of offsets, it specifies that the location is in the rom.)

So, go back and find the proper offset that you compiled. It should look like $XXXXXX in A-map and 0xXXXXXX in XSE. Good luck.

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