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Originally Posted by Darkroman View Post
Thanks! I'm glad you like them :).

Here's an original song done by me a while ago. I didn't mix it very well since, at the time, I just started messing with more high-end audio editors, and I didn't have any real EQ plugins to help.


I haven't got the motivation or inspiration yet to finish any other originals. I would like to, though! I would also like more tools... especially a better guitar plugin lol.
Seee, this is proof that you should be doing original stuff! I won't lie, it is a little repetitive, but that's honestly the only big criticism I have for the song and that's impressive considering it's your first original piece (?). The 'guitar' you've used is great and the song flows wonderfully, I really enjoyed listening to this! I'd love to hear more - if you ever plan to upload any others let me know :)

Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post

It's mistake ridden, but after an hour and a half of recording in 36 attempts later I don't give a crap Ozzy you best be grateful
Sush you it's wonderful! I'm just wondering if gets painful closing your eyes that tight... ;p Your voice is great (as always) and the bits where you think you've messed up are adorable, and the guitar playing sounds completely accurate! The only tiny bit that you might want to think about is the higher notes like "It's too cold outside", your voice wobbles a bit hehe x] Out of interest, what chords are you playing here? The version I learnt seems completely different but still sounds recognisable so I'd love to know if you have them!