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Nathan - Mt Coronet peak

Nathan awoke from his horrible nightmare with a jump, not moving, but his eyes wide open, and is body reluctant to move at all. As he looked straight forward from the awkward stance he was currently in, he could see large, ancient pillars, rising into the clouds, like candy floss on a stick.
They used to be able to make cotton candy.
People used to make it even without the help of pokemon, and that's what really bugged Nath. He lay down and thought about the world, about how lazy people had become, about the sunshine. Wait. Sunshine!

Really badly hurting a leg or two that was already pretty badly torn up anyways, Nath could get up slowly and finally breath a sigh of relief, an achievement indeed. As he worsened his body he got up, limp, and alive. He breathed a big breath of fresh air, something he had not done in 5 whole years. The lack of vitamin D really had made his body structure very crooked, and he looked like a old dwarf, or so is friend said while working in the mines.
What happened in those mines? And how did I get here?

Flasbacks of Nathan's nightmare began crawling across his mind like spilt water. He could remember...
A bird, a strange ghostly bird, with feathered horns. He had seen it in an ancient history book. It was something like... Star? Pell? No it was more like... Noct, Noctowl maybe. He couldn't remember much, but it must have truly stuck to his memory, as for the rest of is memory is probably long gone of those days. So much dirt and coal fills his memory now. Just a blank cloud and an impenetrable wall. Nath really felt like that man stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, just not being able to fit all of the pieces together made him feel lost. Although it wasn't always true, his uncle's wisdom was always the 'pick me up' and 'go get em' kind, and Nath really could use some of that wisdom now. He had no clues, or leads to why he was here... Or in fact, where he was.

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