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Update Time!


Took on Bugsy with no trouble. Most everything in the gym went down in one hit besides his Scyther, it took 2. 2/8

Headed to Ilex Forest. Pretty easy roping the farfetch'd back to it's owner. Obtained Cut, taught it to Belle. Obtained Headbutt, taught that to Tron.

Made my way to Goldenrod City. After trying to figure out how to get the items in the Mart Basement, I gave up. Instead I got the Bike from the Bike Shop. Sweetness, no more walking.

Took on Gym Pink while I was here. Whitney's Miltank was only 4 levels under Tron and gave me the most trouble in taking 3 headbutts to the face to take down. Obtained the badge without trouble otherwise. 3/8

Making my way North from Goldenrod I got lost. After cutting my way through a bush I found the wiggly tree again. Seeing as I couldn't get past it, I went East instead and found the National Park. Since I went South from there I ended up full circle in Goldenrod again. I grabbed the squirtbottle and headed back to the wiggly tree.

After spraying the tree it attacked. I caught it and named it Not A Tree, the liar. Shoved it into a box and took out Eggbert to take to Prof. Elm. He gave me an Everstone, considered it to be a waste of a trip.

After getting lost on where to go for awhile I ended up in Ecruteak City. Taking on the Kimono girls was my first stop. Everything going down in one hit besides the Umbreon, that took two. Obtained Surf and realized I have nothing to learn it.

Went to take on the Gym after this with no such luck as the leader wasn't here. Instead I went to the burnt tower and found the leader who wasn't leaving. Saw Clu and decided to take him on. All his pokemon went down in one hit, still has a Croconaw though. Afterwards he mocks me for falling down a hole, the jerk.

After releasing the 3 dog pokmeon I made my way to the gym. Everything besides Gengar goes down in one hit, it took two. This gym also skyrocketed Tron up 2 levels, awesome. 4/8

Next up I went back to Ilex forest to pick up 2 Psyduck. Named them Milo and Kida. Taught Milo Surf, Flash, and Rock Smash for now. Kida learned Dig. Stuck Belle into the box for now. 4 of 4 Pokemon on me.

Going back through Goldenrod I took care of some things I forgot. Grabbed the Coin Case, Radio Card, and the Blue Card. Also went back down to the Day Care to get the Odd Egg. Do eggs count as party too? Once it hatches it's going straight into a box either way.

Made my way East from Ecruteak City after this hoping to find a Farfetch'd on route 38. No such luck so far though, will keep looking.

Tron the Raichu. 4 of 8 Badges obtained.
Level: 36
Attack: 86
Defense: 59
Special Attack: 82
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 88

Tron the Riachu Ultimate Solo Challenge:
Leaf Green - Completed: 8 of 8 badges obtained, Elite 4 defeated
Crystal - 4 of 8 badges obtained
Emerald -
Platinum -
White 2 -
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