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Chaos erupts throughout the bar in an instant. Xeye takes in the sights of her environment, rushing to her feet wide-eyed to get the hell out of there.

"C'mere!" snarls an angry, drunken man behind her, yanking her blue hair to grab a hold of her, pulling her in before wrapping his other arm around her midsection.

The man's right arm throws itself over her neck, getting caught in a head lock in an effort to disable the feisty woman in his arms. The girl squirms around as the man reaches for the woman's skirt, grabbing the top and beginning to undress her. Wrong target. Xeye lifts her right leg, focusing before throwing her heel back to smash into the man's knee. Unfortunately, this only causes the man to squeal in pain, stumbling backwards before he crashes into the ground on his back, Xeye's neck still caught in his arm's grip. Not good enough. The half-elf manages to free herself from one arm though, and that might be enough for her to turn the tables on this fight. Her right arm swings at the man's forearm, pinching some of his skin before his other arm comes back around her midsection. Surprising the man, the flesh around Xeye's grip begins to twist and turn with the growth of dancing flames, burning away the flesh on his forearm. The woman throws her left leg up before bringing it down upon the man's lerft knee, releasing his grip in agony before the half-breed thrusts herself to her feet. Her gaze fixes on the panicking man, clutching his right arm in terror.

"She's a witch! A mage!" screams the man, eyes stretched to their maximum as he points at her in fear.

Xeye reacts before he leaks too much information, stabbing his blubbery belly with her strong left heel, sending him into the legs of a table, causing its contents in addition to the table itself to land upon his vulnerable body. In an instant, the man's body is completely engulfed in flame, the fire spreading rapidly after a flammable mug of alcohol drenched his body. Xeye uses this chance to escape, breaking through the door and rushing out onto the ****** street with a few others of her band. Her assailant, however, runs around in fear, crashing into several other patrons and tables, which only serves to spread the inferno much quicker, setting ablaze other crazy drunks as well.

Varian soon joins the rest of them outside, Xeye picking up her pair of axes she left outside and mounting them on her harness as she fits its around her figure. Hearing the loud, terrified bellowing from the bar's interior, the impish woman turns her gaze to their "captain", so to speak, the girl smirking in his direction with one of her axes leaning over her right shoulder.

"Wolf Pops!" squeaks the half-elf, hoping to grab the Highman's attention. "Can I destroy this dump of a bar? Pleeeeeeeaaase, Wolf Pops!?"
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