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Time for another update:

Ultimate Elec-Mono: White2

- Finished level grinding and entered Nimbasa Gym
- Easily beat Elesa and obtained the
Bolt Badge

- Crossed the bridge over to Driftveil and skipped over to Chargestone Cave

- Caught a male Joltik named "BigShpider" and a female Tynamo named "Ellie"

- Level grinded for Clay and evolved Magneton into Magnezone

- Went back to Driftveil Gym and narrowly made it to Clay, but was soundly defeated by his Excadrill

- Left to level grind some more and evolved Joltik into Galvantula
- Returned to Clay and somehow managed to pull of a miracle victory netting me the
Quake Badge

- Did the PWT and Team Plasma event then made my way through Chargestone Cave to Mistralton
- Zapped my way through Mistralton Gym, evolving Tynamo and destroying Skyla earning me the
Jet Badge

One question, when I do my Sapphire section of my Ice-Mono challenge, since there are only two Ice Pokemon to use, can I just hack them both in at the start or should I just hack one and wait for the other at the end of the game?

Yellow: 8/8l Crystal: 4/16

Ultimate Fairy-Mono Challenge
Kalos: 6/8

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

On Hold:
Dark - on Gen IV lll Flying - on Gen IV lll Ground - on Gen IV
Psychic - on Gen IV lll Steel - on Gen IV