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Quote originally posted by metalflygon08:
On that note, about how far in are you currently? Not pressing or anything, just curious.
Quote originally posted by HackChu:
Hopefully at least in Cerulean.
Sorry to crush your hopes, but I'm still at Pewter City. Right now DarkViolet is on a small hiatus while I work on the 64x64 DS Sprite Project (which will be used by DarkViolet, so in a way, working on the sprite project is the same thing as working on DarkViolet).

EDIT: Also, I am going to make a legitimate effort to fully learn ASM, and my goal is for this game to have at least 1 ASM routine made completely by me.

EDIT: Good news! I have now fixed all Pokedex-related issues!

I'm not going to describe in-detail how I fixed the trainer card & save screen issue, but I can happily claim that I did this all by myself!