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Quote originally posted by ScubaDouch3:
One question, when I do my Sapphire section of my Ice-Mono challnege, since there are only two Ice Pokemon to use, can I just hack them both in at the start or should I just hack one and wait for the other at th end of the game?
You can only hack in one, and it can be either Spheal or Snorunt (I would go with Spheal).
Quote originally posted by RefinedHornet:
Username: RefinedHornet
Type: Dark
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black 2

Since no Dark type pokemon can be obtained before the 3rd gym in Crystal, does the "starter" have to be a Dark type or can it be a pokemon that evolves into a Dark type before the 3rd gym?
The pokemon you hack in needs to either be dark or evolve into a dark Pokemon. I would go with Houndour, Murkrow, or Larvitar, since they aren't available unitl Kanto. You would then be able to use Umbreon and Sneasel before Kanto as well.

Generally speaking, when hacking in a Pokemon when you are allowed, use Pokemon that are in the Regional Pokedex.
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