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Hmmm... Since I have finished watching LOK and to save the club from its impending doom, I'm happy to help!

Do you think the Equalist movement will continue and strengthen or will be forgotten?

Seeing as Amon "betrayed" the Equalists, I think it would be weakened if not forgotten...

If you could meet any ATLA/LOK character, who would it be and why?

From ATLA, it would be Katara since she is awesome imo...

From LOK, either Mako or Korra.

Where in the Avatar world would you like to be able to visit the most and why?

Republic City for the most since I lie to live in a modern world... But I also like Ba Sing Se and the Western Air Temple!

How do you feel about the speed Korra is developing her abilities in comparison to how quickly Aang developed his?

Well seeing as they first thought of it as a miniseries before, I'm pretty neutral about it.

What do you think was the saddest moment in either series?

In ATLA, the Eclipse arc since they built most of Book 2 and 3 on this.

In LOK, maybe the Pro-bending arc since Amon destroyed it all! ;;

Which element do you think is the most lethal and dangerous during combat? How about for Survival?

Fire is the most lethal and dangerous without a doubt but for survival, Water goes since it is one of our core needs.

What was your favorite animal cross from the series?

Hmmm... A Polar Bear Dog for me... :3

What is your favorite episode?


But to be specific, the Sozin's Comet arc for ATLA and Ep 4 and Ep 12 in LOK.
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