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(This took forever to make.>.< )
Quote originally posted by Bulbapedia:
Stat Trainers is a fan term for a group of five Pokémon Trainers - Cheryl, Mira, Riley, Buck, and Marley - who specialize in Pokémon that excel in a certain stat.
Cheryl specializes in HP with her Chansey.
Riley specializes in Attack with his Lucario.
Buck specializes in Defense with his Claydol.
Mira specializes in Special Attack with her Kadabra.
And Marley specializes in Speed with her Arcanine.

In Pokemon Diamond , Pearl and Platinum these five trainers, also know as stat trainers, appear in various locations throughout the games. At these location the trainer will ask the player to guide them through that said location. As you navigate your way through, you both run into trainers and Pokemon and both of you will engage in a Double Battle together. After each battle the trainer will also heal your Pokemon and their Pokemon.

After the player beats the Elite Four ,they appear in the Battle Tower where they can engage in tag-team Double Battles with the Player. This depends on which ones the player has already encountered. In addition to their roles Diamond and Pearl, in Platinum, they appear in the Battleground as potential Opponents. This also depends on which ones the players has encountered.
The stat Trainers also appear in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver as tag-team partners in the Battle Tower.

Anyway, my main question is, what did you like the idea of the stat trainers? Did you like helping them out in the various locations? Would you like to see this return in future games?
Out of the five stat trainers which one was your favorite/you like the best?

I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss.

Also, just a note. Although they do appear in HGSS, I put the DPPt title instead of the general 4th Generation title because they appear the most in DPPt.
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