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It had only been an hour since I first got the Shaymin and now it was gone. Togekiss and I landed and looked around for any trace of the trainer who stole the Shaymin from me. I sent out my Chimchar and asked him to help us look. After some looking we all met up over in a rough grounded area. Togekiss had found nothing, but Chimchar had found a flower. I thought nothing of it at the time. After some further inspection we found an area where the ground was a lot warmer. There seemed to be a cloudy mist around the area. The mist was a lot like the stuff that first surrounded us when Shaymin was stolen. Although the ground in this area was very tough, we found a patch where the ground was soft and looked like it had been lately dug up. I asked Chimchar to use dig, and so he did. I returned Togekiss as we slowly descended.

We seemed to have reached a brightly lit cavern. Chimchar and I snuck around a corner hoping that we would find what we came for, and there sitting on the cavern floor was the sleeping Shaymin. I gently woke the Shaymin hoping not to make to much noise, the trainer who stole it from me seemed to be nowhere in sight. I slowly started to lead the Shaymin down one of the tunnels, but the Shaymin was slow and tired. It was at that moment I remembered the flower that Chimchar found. It was that special pink flower that looks like the one on Shaymin, I got it out from my pocket and gave it to the Shaymin, Shaymin started glowing, then before I knew it the Shaymin was in its Sky forme. With Shaymin flying around me and Chimchar on my shoulders. We headed deeper into the caves and further away from the lava filled tunnels that were brightly lit, as we walked the only light we had was the light from Chimchar's tail.....
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