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Auden Radke, Captain's Ship.

This ship trip should be much more bearable than the last now I've gotten a toy. Auden thought as he carefully began folding Tamor's clothes, the pleasure of playing with her still fresh. He placed the clothes in a neat pile close to her slumped form before admiring his handiwork which was currently scarring her body in the way of blistered cuts. Reaching out, he ran his hand along the gash on her back, finding joy in the feeling the blisters and cut gave his fingers. Ah, such a wonderful gash.. this feeling of blistered and bloody skin.. He nearly lost himself in thought before taking pulling his hand back to regain his composure once again. Taking a step back he sat down in the rooms lone chair and began looking over her once more.

She definitely has elf ears, though she definitely looks more like a dwarf. A half dwarf, half elf person was definitely a rarity in the world and Auden had yet to see another that wasn't Tamor which lead him to wonder how her parents had met. A lot of scenarios ran through his mind as he tried his best to figure out the most plausible before deciding a drunken one night stand was probably the most likely cause, which would explain why he had yet to see her father. Tamor you're a lucky girl, he thought to himself as he stood up and made his way to the door. “You'll never die as long as I live, and I'll try my best to see that you aren't hurt by anyone else either. I do take good care of my toys. I'm going to get you a drink, stay here.” He exited the room, closing the door behind him and made his way towards the galley once again. Ah, why did I even say that, she's still passed out.

The galley looked basically the same as when he first ventured in it while looking for a knife for his release from withdrawal hell. There was a difference though, there was now a few sailors working around the galley setting it for the crews next meal as well as a few kitchen staff who were going in and out of the kitchen. Catching a whiff of what was cooking in the kitchen nearly knocked the wind out of Auden, whom would have preferred a grand meal on the night that he finally broke his accidental cold-turkey stop in fulfilling his sadistic needs. Though slightly disheartened he continued onwards to a sailor whom was setting the tables. “Mr Sailor, I was wondering where I could get a glass of water?”

“Ah, just ask in the kitchen mate. They'll be able to set you up.” Replied the sailor, not taking his eyes away from the table he was cleaning.

“Why thank you.” Auden completed the pleasantries which would make him seem like he was a polite person now that he wasn't overly anxious about his habit. Inside the kitchen there was more staff than he had first thought, each seemingly having their own job in the process of making dinner, ranging from peeling potatoes to cooking up whatever it was that was hitting his nose hard. Looking around he spotted a rack of glass mugs that were close to a water barrel. What luck. Weaving around the busy kitchen staff he liberated a mug and some water without notice, though he was doubtful that anyone would care even if they had seen him.

Stopping on his way back to where he had left Tamor, he looked out of a port hole, the ship was now definitely sailing since on the edge of the horizon only had a slight outline of land. It reminded him of the trip to Ekilore, the memory of his withdrawal's leaving a sour taste in his mouth as he continued on to the room. To his surprise the door swung open just as he reached for the handle to reveal a puffy eyed Tamor. “He'll my darling toy, I got you a drink of water,” He was smiling gently as he spoke to her. “You're all puffy eyed, we should probably wait in the room until you stop crying.”
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