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Originally Posted by Totodile42 View Post
No, it'll never happen, please no, never, thanks.
I really think I'd stop playing Pokemon if new types were added at this point.
Let's just think about things, okay? The only reason new types were added in Gen II was to balance out weaknesses and the like; mainly that Psychic was too overpowered.
At this point, a new type is unthinkable; there's too many Pokemon now to go back and change the type of. Besides, if Game Freak wanted new types to balance things more, they'd have done it in Gen III, definitely not Gen VI.

Of course, now that I've ranted about this, Game Freak will announce 67 new types tomorrow.
I would probably leave it to the developers at GameFreak to decide whether or not we have too many Pokémon currently to go back and add new types to some of them. Otherwise, never say never since that's ultimately not something left for us to decide on.

The introduction of new types isn't necessarily a bad thing. I would actually welcome any new types they introduce, so long as it doesn't tip the balance of the current type system. I know some are hesitant about the idea, I myself have my own reservations about it, but in terms of expanding on their creative limits, there is a positive side to it.
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