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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Also, just in case if someone missed this, voiced members are basically the same as regular members except with those extra commands.

Voiced doesn't mean staff, it's from the Driver rank onward where you are staff. Remember, any bold name member on the list is the server staff, and Voiced may only be able to help when staff aren't around as I figured out. They can help people out, but must not perform tasks that only staff are allowed to do, sorta like the "no mini-modding" rule on PC.

Even if you are voiced, you can still be penalized the same way regular members are, such as getting banned, muted etc.

If you are voiced you are NOT on staff, just pointing this out.
Still, it's not a big deal if say, voiced members reminds others to not speak a foreign language in this English-speaking chat. They can still there to help remind people of the rules, but not so drastically as to tell people "DON'T DO THIS OR ELSE YOU'LL GET MUTED" when that's actually the drivers/admins job to step in.

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