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Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
I might have time to make some maps for you... Might... Your story does has potential.. But.. What do you know about RMXP and Essentials? Is designing and plot all you can do?

So far, yes. I do what I can. I'm learning how to utilize the battle system.

Quote originally posted by JNathan:
.I think this idea has a lot of potential in it. If you develop it well, it could end up in a great game. I have one question though : How will the battles without pokemon be?
And i saw you needed beta tester, so count me in! And if you need help on the story, i'm your man. Anyway, good luck with this.

It's the backview of the player character and the battle sprite for the other guy. You have commands for fighting. Namely, PUNCH, KICK, TACKLE, and SHOVE.

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