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Originally Posted by QuartierGenerale View Post
Which variables can i use in Ruby (U)?

Let me explain: of course i can use 0x4049, but it is still used for other Ruby script. And since i don't know for what, i prefer not override this value. If the are free variables, is better.

Thanks a lot
Vars in the 5000's are great for scripting. You can also try to find unused 4000's but I like the 5000's.

Edit: Don't use vars in the 5E00's as they begin to store themselves in the PC box space. Not good.

Originally Posted by Breyyne View Post
Thanks KarateKid, You pointed me in the right direction, Game Development. But I still have need for hacking Help.

I looked through the Tuts for [Graphics] and only found Tuts for Inserting and Editing of Sprites and Titles. Any one out there that direct me to a Tut for Exporting/Ripping of the graphics for the DS level games?
All sprites can be found online with a quick google search.

For mapping, look for Spikey's DS map editor. There you will a discussion of mapping in the 4th gen and how to work with it. I don't know much about ripping the tile sets and such, but you may be able to do it with Spikey's map editor.

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