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Kion Gavin - Boy's Dorm

Gavin's awakening was not a pleasant one. He woke to a burning sensation engulfing his body and a loud voice covering the dorm. The flaming embrace was comforting to him, being Beelzebub's servant as he was, but it was paradoxically painful. He opened his eyes and jumped off of the couch, which was covered in a growing sea of inferno.

"Aqron!" Gavin yelled, pointing his hands at the fire. Aqron (/awk-rOn/) literally means "water area". Promptly after uttering the strange word, the sigil on the back of Gavin's hand changed from red to blue, and the fire that was spewing from his hands started to spray water over the couch, extinguishing the flames. Gavin sighed and then looked to see who the cause of the incident was. He finally found out who was causing his hellish powers to activate. It was a boy who looked like fate smacked him in the face and ruffled his hair. He was the human. Gavin did not stop the boy, though; he did not want to risk burning the dorm down. He simply waited until the boy left and returned to his room.

Gavin took a shower and changed his clothes, and he returned to his room to do some more preparation. He brought a spell tome with him, and he headed out to the cafeteria. He didn't really know where it was, so it took longer than expected to arrive there. When he finally arrived the, there was a moderate amount of youkai already eating. Gavin made his way into the lunch line, picking up a tray, a spoon, and a fork. The lunch lady looked at him for a moment in confusion.

"What are you, hun?" She asked. Gavin was taken aback by the question, it wasn't something that you normally get asked- as a human, at least.

"I'm a...a mage, ma'am," he said hesitantly. She promptly put some food on his plate. The food looked unexpectedly normal: pancakes, sausage, bacon, and toast. It made sense, mages weren't really that different from humans in terms of diet.

After getting his food, Gavin returned to the central area, looking around for a place to eat. He found an empty table, since he didn't really feel like meeting any eccentric characters at the time. He looked at his food. He didn't feel hesitant so much because of the surprises that may have laid inside (as he was almost sure that the meet was not that of cow or the like- at least, not the ones from his realm), but rather, because he felt that eating the food would mean the denouncement of his humanity.

Instead, he looked around. He saw the human from before at one of the neighboring tables, and his eyes widened. His face tensed, and he grew a terrifying scowl. The mere sight of that human boiled his blood. He clenched his left fist as fire danced from it, filled with his rage. He picked up his fork and lunged it into his sausage, blood splashing from the punctures. He put the sausage up to his mouth and furiously bit off half of it, exposing the mangled insides of the sausage.
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