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It's pretty easy to overlevel. Just takes a bit of time.
Like what you see in HGSS; people often train on route 47, up the waterfall. The spawn there gives a good amount of EXP to easily grind to the 50s and 60s.

I usually over-grind in these areas for each game pre-Elite Four:

R/B/Y - Victory Road/Pokemon Mansion/Patch of grass south of Pallet Town.
G/S/C- South of Blackthorn/Outside of Victory Road
R/S/E- Chase Gaby and Ty/ Use Trainer's Eye
FR/LG- VS Seeker on bikers to the left of Celadon/Trainers outside Ember Spa.
D/P/Pt- Use VS Seeker on the lady north of Solaceon Town. She has a Happiny that gives ~1k exp.
HG/SS- Route 47. Take the waterfall up to a small patch of grass.
B(2)/W(2)- Audino in moving grass.

Spending an hour or 2 on these places are worth the time

You could also attach a Lucky Egg if you've got one on your Pokemon to speed things up. Only available for 2nd gen and up though.
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