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I've taken to giving my Pokémon nicknames that are actually just their Japanese names. Examples:

Aggron ~ Bossgodora
Sceptile ~ Jukain
Medicham ~ Charem
Spiritomb ~ Mikaruge
Smeargle ~ Doble
Galvantula ~ Dentula
Feraligatr ~ Ordile
Alakazam ~ Foodin
Abra ~ Casey
Gastly ~ Ghos

Etc., etc.

I personally think they're pretty cool. I mean, Bossgodora, Jukain? To me those are badass names. Some of the worse names I've given Pokémon in the past though are:

Cyndaquil ~ Cyndy (It was my first game, okay? I was four years old)
Eevee ~ Eve
Charmander ~ Charlie
Charmander (different one) ~ Ember
Moltres ~ Ember2 (same game as the Charmander Ember)