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If I may chip in here...

To be honest, Dragon Dance Dragonite isn't really effective in a sandstorm team. Like said, sandstorm can damage Dragonite without leftovers, so you'll have a harder time setting up against certain pokemon, and survivablity with sandstorm might be an issue if you've run into say, a Heatran with Protect. Your team seems to be a lot of offensive oriented, hitting hard without waiting one turn anyway. So, I'm just throwing this out there, how about trying a Choice Band set?

~ Outrage
~ ExtremeSpeed
~ Fire Punch / Waterfall
~ Earthquake / Superpower

You can sometimes even use Dragonite as a lead as a nice check / counter against opposing lead weather teams like Politoad and Ninetales. Superpower is a nice attack against rival Tyranitar too.

You can also try out Magnezone if you're interested. There's a famous strategy around the competitive discussions - it's called 'Drag n' Mag'. Basically, Magnezone eliminates Steel type pokemon (except for Heatran maybe), where it can give your Dragon pokemon more breathing room to sweep. You can try this moveset:

@Choice Specs
~ Volt Switch
~ Hidden Power Fire
~ Thunderbolt
~ Flash Cannon

As a viable option over Wobbufett. However, that's up to you - that's one suggestion I have.

Good luck on your battles~!

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