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Without missing a beat, Vera broke from the group to call down an Archeops, the most efficient messanger in the area. "We have a possible intrusion. Spread the word to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. The target is likely an earthen Pokemon and can use Earthquake, proceed with extreme caution and use ranged attacks if possible. Do not engage the target directly. The target is likely not alone. Round up ANYONE who seems out of place or unfamiliar."

Sovereign acknowleged Deluge, though he did not like taking orders from other Sentinels. Somehow the others never quite treated him as one of them. But he prefered to ignore it. Such thoughts only distracted from their purpose. "I didn't quite get a lock. It wasn't very long and it was very unexpected, but I can lead to the general direction. Gold Tribe are usually easy to notice, so that should be enough." Sovereign led them in the direction that he had felt the disturbance. "I don't know the Gold Tribe well enough to tell who this may be, but that quake had more power than just any Pokemon could muster. No. This is a Pokemon of the Ground. So be ready."