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Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
I put the restart special so you won't see some things I don't want you to see... I'm using my hack as a base for that after all

It's not easy doing this I tell you Can a 600 line script be easy?

And doing what karatekid is out of my originality.... Plus he already finished doing it... :3

It can't be a ten minute script karatekid just have mad copy/pasting skills haha... xD
Too many strike through tags. I know it's not easy to write longs scripts the first time, but I'm saying that length =/= quality i.e:
Move player
move some dude
move camera
move player again
open a door
move more people
move again
move more

Shows the same as
move x
battlee goes through a door

You see what I mean?
Since this involves me, I guess I can comment. We both know that tajaros knows how to script, and a 600 line script, even if it is the same thing over and over, does show skill, because how you organize it is key also. You need to be able to manage long scripts, or else you are screwed if you need to do something big.

While versatility with commands is good, new commands are fairly easy to learn. It's being given a task and finding a way to do it that actually shows the skill of a scripter. Not how many commands he/she knows how to use.

And yes, I do have mad copy and paste skills to make that 2311 line script to set 2000+ flags in under 10 min, haha!

Edit: I also can't wait for this project to get off the ground. I will definitely be a scripter, but I don't have enough time for being a head scripter, which is mostly why I didn't apply.

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