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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
We both know that tajaros knows how to script
Not too sure how I would know this, but OK.

While versatility with commands is good, new commands are fairly easy to learn. It's being given a task and finding a way to do it that actually shows the skill of a scripter. Not how many commands he/she knows how to use.
I agree, # of commands don't show anything real. I just want to see efficient scripting of things that aren't face roll level easy.

Key things to look for in a scripter usually include:

Knowledge of scripting commands -- otherwise you wouldn't know what to do in certain situations.
Knowing how to apply these scripting commands -- Well, this is obvious.
Good grammar and spelling -- Doesn't need to be L33T PROF LVL, but it needs to be fairly good

That's what I look for admittedly.

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