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My reasons are as listed:
1) The Characters personalities like Cheren's and Bianca's
2) The Graphics, may not be much but they were greatly improved
3) Some new pokemon that were introduced, like Embroar and Emolga and Golurk and Jellicent
4) The MoveSets of pokemon; I loved that they broadened it and expanded it, made it a bit more easy when teaching pokemon new moves, especially ones that they couldn't learn in previous games.
5) The Battle Subway; added something to enjoy.
6) The Gym Leaders like Elesa, Skyla, Iris, Cilan; made an impression and reserved the sanctity of the purpose of having Gym leaders. (Probably doesn't make sense I know)
7) Elesa
8) Elesa
9) Elesa
10) The cities.
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