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I wish I was more competent when it came to sports. I tend to say "I'm useless" when it comes to some sports. I think it's because I never really do try and it's saddening.
I used to be captain of a soccer team until I was 10 and then I stopped. I was happy and I enjoyed it. I only watch soccer now though, but I'm pretty sure I'll rejoin a soccer club in the future.
I swim now and again and I think I'm alright.
I'm good at sprinting but you'll rarely see me doing it.
I used to BMX with some lads at the park until I was 15. Then my bike got robbed by someone. It's alright though, I've found love in my scooter that I've been using since lol.
There are loads of sports I want to try tbh.
I guess I am a sporty/athletic person but I neglect my sportyness very often.
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