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Quote originally posted by hayatekun24:
Stuck in dark rising HQ area(I forgot the name of the region lol). Please heeeelp.

After beating Atem in Millenium City(?), right after exiting, an invisible sprite asked me if i am ready to go to dark rising hq because of the police, which, I realized, is an event that has already happened... What should I do? Will I be able to progress if I say no? And if I say no, where should I go next?

Answers are appreciated :3
Answer yes and you will be transported there. Then go through the Huntik Route and Enter the cave previously blocked. I also reported this Bug to DrG already

Quote originally posted by strikerkc:
after the elite 4, where would i go?
Meet ADRIAN in the castle and battle him. This concludes DR 1 after him

Quote originally posted by jashan345:
Okay how do I get my 5th and 6th badge?
The fifth badge is in Numassity City while the Sixth badge is in Montage Forretress