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Quote originally posted by Left 4 good:
Just got these 2 as a car boot £1 for both, which is like $1.50

Lugia - Neo Genesis
Ho-oh - Neo revalations :)

Also how much are these:

Dark Arbok first edition rocket set holo
Dark dragonite rocket set holo
dark blastoise rocket set holo
Quote originally posted by POKEMONCARDSELLER:
Looking to get my card appraised. I do not intend to sell Pokemon Cards on this forum as it is an offense warranting a ban.

Quote originally posted by Excentric00:
Looking to see what these are worths. Any input would be appreciated.

Japanese Team rocket Charizard No. 006 (Holo)
Japanease Blaine's Arcanine no. 059 (Holo)
Hitmonchan No. 7/102 (Holo)
Just so you all know, I haven't forgotten this thread! I've just been a little busier offline and also indulging more in a few of my other hobbies! I'll get to pricing your cards tomorrow sometime!
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