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Quote originally posted by voicerocker:
The replacement for Samurai 7 has been revealed / leaked and has been confirmed by!

Soul Eater is coming to Toonami starting February 16th!
This is actually something I've been interested in giving a shot for a while. This will probably be a good way to go about watching it!

Quote originally posted by Livewire:
I wish they' throw a little Code Geass in there, but that lineup works for me. Not really feeling the dub for the new Bleach, though. :/
I don't think that'll be possible for a while. Bandai Entertainment has been in full retraction mode since early last year within North America, and I doubt they'll be selling the licensing rights for a show as popular as Code Geass for a price low enough for Toonami to be able to afford airing it.

Quote originally posted by Ryoutarou:
We're never going to get Tiger and Bunny there, are we? D: Ah well, Soul Eater's pretty cool from what I've seen of it. Definitely seems like a show capable of attracting the typical Toonami crowd.
Probably not until we generate even higher ratings for Toonami, unfortunately.

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