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Originally Posted by Arctos View Post
Hello all!
Now I will start with an apology for my absence and its rather sudden occurrence! My uni work load really crept up on me last semester and resulted in my leaving with little in the way of an announcement. Cannot stress how sorry I am for that (especially to the GMs of RPs that I was involved in...luckily I don't think I was involved too heavily in any at that point).

I am obviously returning to Pokecommunity thanks to my exams now being over and the work load having lightened considerably as we move through to new modules. This time I wont be joining quite as many RPs (I begin work on my dissertation in the near future so as much as I'd rather be rp'ing than writing dis proposals I sadly cant). So...Hello to anyone new(er) here and hello again to those I left behind. Glad to be back!
Welcome back, Arctos! Hope you find a RP you really want to stick with without overloading yourself now :)

Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
Well I would like to introduce myself to the Rp corner. I've been in a wolf rp in the past and am working up a character for a Good Omens rp on tumblr, other than that I'm still pretty new to rping in general.

Hopefully snagged the last spot in thread earlier.
Welcome to the RP Corner, EvilSkittles! RP on tumblr, eh? I don't know what that's like but the fine thing about this place is that we often get people over who have RPed in many different ways and who can bring something new to the section. Still, make sure to read the rules and helpful stickied threads and I'm sure that you'll realize really soon how we do RPing here :) If you want to find a new RP to join, you can check out the Roleplay Library. See you around!
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