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So, it's basically this. It starts out like any other Pokemon game. You choose to be either a boy or a girl, gender you don't pick becomes your pseudo-rival, some other person becomes your rival, you get 8 badges to enter the League, and you have to defeat an evil team whose plot relevancy will overshadow the standard gym badges=Elite Four plot.
I like how you emphasize that this idea is nothing special so far :D

He/she is reading a news article about this region's evil team, Team Universe. It says that Universe is building a device that can enable them to travel the Pokemon multiverse.
I'm confused, is Team Universe offically showing off their device and only we (as readers of your post) know they are evil or does everybody in the game knows that so obviously some insider information went out of the team. If so, are they pursuading the mole?

The hero/ine wishes that they could do something to stop it.
Why is multiversal travel bad again?
Ash Ketchum from the anime universe pops up.
Nevermind, this IS bad!
Ash battles the second-in-command
Gary was there, Ash is a looser!

you battle the boss
Why? Is the protagonist a Pokedex holder? Does he have a stronger bond to the boss than Red (somewhat similiar to Emerald and Jirachi, though the situation was completely different). Is it some inconvinience that the protagonist lands there? Because I can hardly imaging Red letting a rookie go against the evil boss, at least not alone.

You punch him into the device, destroying it.
Is the boss a wimp or is the protagonist working out in secret? To punch someone into a certain direction is no easy thing to do.

But, Ash, Pikachu, and his Pokemon are stuck in your universe now.
WHYYYYYY? For the sake of Anime inconsistence, does that mean he doesn't age there either? Will other people notice this? Will he be examined? :D

and face your rival/champion
No, wait! Rival was defeating Leaf earlier so he can't be faster than protagonist in climbing the tower after everything is fine again.

I think the idea is extendable. And personally, I don't like Ash. Also, how is Orion connected to the other regions?

Enough critics for today, time to continue learning...

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