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Quote originally posted by Cerberus87:
But the thing is, they aren't used because they're outclassed, or they're hard to use. And also because most players prefer the smooth sailing provided by having a Garchomp, Terrakion or Reuniclus in their teams.

What I really wish is that NU becomes a place for Pokémon which aren't supposed to battle, like Unown and similar things. It's really difficult to balance 300+ evolved Pokémon plus Eviolite-NFE, though.
Still doesn't mean they're bad though, really. ;( Some good mons are just used less, that's all.

And I would not want that for gen 6 at all. NU is a great metagame, and the things that shouldn't battle are really PU/NFE etc. NU in gen 6 is something I reallyyyy want. :3
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