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IMO, it's pretty much one or the other. You can't really have a bunch of fakemon mixed in with legit Pokémon unless it's a full generation's worth.

Should the hack include fakemon?


Should the hack have new Pokémon?

This is a more complicated question than it first appears. What generation of games will this be based on? (Presumably 3 based on the language used above.)

How are you going to add them?
Do you want to include formes?

Anyway, as long as the effective number of species actually available in the game doesn't top about 200 or so, then having the new Pokémon is no bad idea.

Which is where I come in. The 649 patch is all but ready to be extensively tested, and could be used as a base for this. Of course, that would mean basing the community hack on FireRed, which limits some of your options.

Whatever way you choose, I am willing to share whatever code you desire, with one exception. I won't share forme code.

Note: I do not want a position on the team, I won't have time to be able to effectively help. Besides which, between Darthatron and Shiny Quagsire, I think you're good for ASM hackers!
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