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Originally Posted by Corvidae View Post
I like how your character designs are interesting and flowing, however like a few people noted before, your proportions and anatomy are off. It ain't easy stuff and I'm still learning but it really takes years to do. My suggestion for you would be to extend your "style" to a more generalized style that you feel comfortable with. A very common error that a lot of people seem to make is that they feel that if they emulate "anime" style to learn anatomy... and well that's just not true - I'd recommend investing in a mannequin or taking photo reference because this will help tremendously and really make your designs and ideas stick out.

Oh, at least right now you can try to keep an eye out and keep those arms and other body parts the same length! I noticed your proportions change quite a bit, and I'm sure that's bound to happen when you're being so adventurous with your posing, but as I do, keep working at that basic shape until you get it right - believe me, it pays off.

With your digital colouring I can see some obvious artifacts, presumably from using the magic wand tool or fills to try to fill things in... NEVER do this! It really destroys the quality of your colouring. Personally, I use different layering techniques to get the colours in my stuff. Make a new layer in whatever digital program you're using for each important part of the picture - some of my things have +50 layers. It's more work but it definitely pays off and makes things a lot more crisp. Some people draw the lineart on the top layer and colour underneath - I have shaky hands so I use Multiply layers to colour underneath layers without covering black lines (usually a scan from a traditional work), and use different layering techniques for shading.

Your 3D works also could use some finesse but I can't really give much advice there - my 3D works are worse than anything I do kinda like your impressionist style and I really dig that Psyduck especially.
I appreciate the input. I don't want to be an artist by career (I actually just got my degree in writing), but any advice will be taken. I normally don't care since I'm not trying to make money off this, but I can keep practicing. When I try to adjust proportions they look more off than when I leave them completely normal. Maybe that'll wear off.

While I'm thinking about it, here's some Megaman art--I'm terrible at drawing both males and robots, so this was a challenge. Also, these are at least two years old; I only got my tablet last year.

I am the Dragonairborn!
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