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Originally Posted by XxITomxX View Post
Suggestion add a map for deoxys full of infected pokemon.Or add a dimension of darkrai or darkrai and cresselia fighting where cresselia joins you for fighting darkrai all up to you

Any hope for deoxys and waking and/or killing that snorlax
iunno, I'm trying to eliminate as many "legendary" pokemon as possible, making them normal pokemon, you can catch deoxysies...deoxies...deoxyses...many deoxys on the moon, as well as other pokemon
i'll have to look into cresselia and darkrai and a few others before i add them, and you wont catch snorlax until later in the game, you're not supposed to get to that part for a while

Iunno, what do you guys think? should the game end in the future or in the "present"

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