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"Crystia." The elf to which that name belong answered, after having listened to the armored man list of his credentials as though they made him some form of leader, when not a single large-scale battle or commanding victory was contained within. She moved past him with a few steps, heading on to the deck of the ship along with the Captain's orders of setting sail for the horrid seas. "However, Rolly, I don't see any part in that list of titles that marks you as a good leader. Being able to control your own bodily functions is all well and good, such as in that tournament you're proud of, but being able to control other people is what marks a good leader." She leaned briefly against the side of the deck and turned her piercing gaze completely on the man, brushing aside her bangs only for a moment. "So I will not be following your orders, and you will kindly respect that."

With that dismissal over with, Crystia gracefully climbed up the mast of the Captain's ship, having to maneuver about with more balance than she would have liked thanks to the lack of a true ladder, but it was not as horrible as it would have been were she to attempt it while the ship was in motion. Restful nights were going to be rare enough, without having to worry about being thrown from the crow's nest like an unwanted visitor in a cow shed. Whatever the other so-called Knights were doing for the time being didn't matter much, as she had an entire ship to watch before she was stuck drudging through whichever horrors the people that tended to hide artifacts chose as safe environments for said relics. She would have more than enough of them then.

Another sailor was occupying the small section of the ship, though the elf paid him no heed despite the curious glance at a non-sailor sitting atop that spot. The view was lovely enough, stretching out across the waters that held promises of wonderful beauty and the darkest horrors that could ever befall a person. The deep blue was going to be her strongest enemy in the journey, but at least a lot of other people would die with her, in a curious twist of fate that doomed the people deemed saviors. But such were stories yet to be told, and for now she would be able to creep out the sailors by looking a bit like a ghost when night came. Or fighting off slavers, if that turned out to be the kind of people they were.
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