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The "choice" is either to spent 50 of your daily HP to increase the stat or not. The navigation and decisions are much more free than a typical visual novel.

Yes, battling is possible, but only the girls, as battling is far from being the main aspect of the game itself. The tournament itself is strictly organized and battle plans are already made. When I get someone to make screens for that, this plan will be accessible through the game. Battling does not increases stats, as it would make infinite stat rising possible if I do not limit the Pokemon Center visits through using some HP. But like in the games, I wanted the Pokemon regeneration COMPLETELY free. Same goes for money for winning.

As I said at the very beginning of OP, Brock doesn't even participate. Through when a player's character will not win OR loose as it is planned with the tournament plan, the game would be probably over for destroying the time line. Also, Ash always stays until the Closing Ceremony is held. And everyone looses a battle from time to time, the girls know that. Being in the tournament is good enough. Through there IS the possibility ready to change the girl's attitude towards a player depending on won/lost games.

I really forgot to mention there is a huge hotel in the town on the island (or more, whatever sounds more convinient), where the characters are resting.
Brock is invited as a gym leader. Through I rather use the Anime-Brock for the girlfriend search convenience I pretend he is still or again the gym leader of his home town. Anime and Manga are both represent in this game: Ash and Red are different persons, while Misty and Misty or Brock and Brock are not. This plothole/inconsistence is a small price to pay for the possibility of having any girl of Pokemon as a girlfriend. (The day when I add Agatha is far away, but out there ;P)

I hope I could answer all questions.