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Quote originally posted by chibi_glaceon:
Just wondering if someone could give me a link to watch Season 3 episode 12? I'm pretty anxious and it's not up on YouTube yet ^^' But yeah...Derpy being gone, is sad. She'll live on in the fandom =3

Careful when asking for episode links, as that's clearly against the rules of the group. Keep that in mind next time, alrighty? :3

Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
I am not really sure if I like the idea of Twilight turning into an alicorn. I am sure that the episode will be fun, but I am really really really hoping that her being an alicorn is only temporary~

That's pretty much what I'm hoping for as well. It makes me wonder so much about the future of the show (and season 4). But the description to most TV guides say that it's temporary, kinda throws people off a little (and a bit impatient as well lmao).

Quote originally posted by IceFyr1928:
Well. Twenty seven episodes in two days. I feel accomplished!

I've got to say, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I really enjoyed Luna Eclipsed, to the point of my new favorite episode! I also liked when the Mane 6 completely trashed the Gala, as well as when Twilight freaked out in Lesson Zero. Let's not forget about Pinkie's constant shenanigans!

So I assume you are almost done with Season 2 and on your way to Season 3? Maybe you'll make it right on time to the next new episode. :3

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