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Cape City

When Paladin came back to his senses, his flying abilities had diminished. A Golurk's flying ability took up a lot of their energy, and Paladin couldn't hold it for too long. Quickly placing the egg inside his satchel, he started to fall to the ground. His legs re-appeared from inside his torso as he restrained screams. He knew he could survive this. He was a Ghost-type Pokemon, after all. Just before Paladin made contact with the ground of Cape City, he focused the last of his energy into becoming intangible, meaning he restricted his own density, and that of anything touching him, to be able to go right through the ground. It took a few moments, but he re-emerged from the ground. Unfortunately for the Golurk, performing this feat required a great, great amount of energy, and having used up the last of his, Paladin blacked out in front of a horde of astonished civilians.

When he came to, Paladin found that he was lying on a bed. Above him, a Mismagius hovered, its face peering down at his. "So, you're awake," the Mismagius stated the obvious. She then drifted away, allowing Paladin to rise. He found that he was in a strange-looking house. The wallpaper was entirely black, and the ceiling appeared to have patterns of constellations and such engraved into it. Paladin stood up from the bed, having to crouch down in order to avoid hitting the ceiling. Just then, his foot sank into the weak wooden floor, revealing a few Rattata that appeared to be living underneath the floorboards. The startled Mismagius turned around and scolded Paladin. "Watch where you put those paws, you idiot." Paladin sat back down on the bed while the Mismagius cleared away the Rattata. "Who are you?" was the first question that sprung to Paladin's mind. "My name is Veletra. I was a witch-doctor in the old days. Before...well, you know," Veletra replied. "In regards to the other obvious questions you might ask, yes, you are still in Cape City, and you fell out of the sky. Also, you might like to know that you just killed an Ancient. You do realize the Sentinals are here, don't you? They're waiting for Gold Tribe, like you, judging by what I found in your satchel." The groggy Golurk shot awake at the mention of his satchel. "My satchel! Where is it?" he demanded. "Don't worry, your egg is safe. Judging by its appearance, I would say it's not yours. Did you steal it?" Veletra pried. "I didn't steal it. I found it abandoned and took it in," Paladin said. Veletra nodded understandingly, as if she had some understanding of what she meant, and dropped the subject. "Now, you do realize the entire Silver Tribe and the Ancients are on your tail, don't you?" Paladin nodded. Now that he was back to his senses, it all seemed obvious. Looks like staying inconspicuous was no longer on the agenda.

"So, Veletra, why are you helping me?" Paladin asked. The Mismagius motioned to a nearby nightstand with her head, while devoting most of her attention to creating some kind of potion in her small cauldron. On the nightstand lay a shining Gold Tribe emblem, but it was not Paladin's. It belonged to someone by the name of "Phantom" apparently. "My father," Veletra began, "was a member of the Gold Tribe back in its glory days. He was a well-respected veteran, and was one of Adam Reed's closest friends. He died in combat alongside him." Paladin said nothing. For some reason, the name "Phantom" awakened something in his memory. Some deep, insignificant memory, but he was pretty sure he'd met Veletra's father before at some point. She must have been helping him out of respect for her dead father. "Now, take this potion I made," Veletra ordered. Paladin walked over to the bubbling cauldron, which contained some kind of green liquid. Reluctantly, Paladin drank the concoction, and suddenly, a little of his energy seemed to return to him. "Thanks," he said, as he lay back down on the bed. "You better stay here. Your energy hasn't been fully restored, so you need to rest." Those were the last words Paladin heard from Veletra before drifting back to sleep.