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One thousand gun deaths is surprisingly low to the vast amount of other killer diseases and other factors such as suicide. Suicide is higher than murder in the US.
Most of the gun violence is due to gang violence.
These special "shootings" are only a small blip in society compared to the vast amount of other problems facing the world.
If a teenager shoots his family or another person's family, who bought the gun and where was it kept ?
If it was in a secure location such as a key-padded security cabinet where only the parents had access to and essentially the teenager had bought a weapon himself or stolen it from someone else and then used it on the victims, then that's different.
What if the gun was IN the house, just lying around and he knew this family owned a gun and it was kept it "so and so" place just in case of a "burglar attack." Got pissed off at them and then decided to go "ape sh**" and shot them dead. Then it was the family's fault for keeping a gun in the house.
Weapons cannot be used defensively if they have the sole nature of seriously harming someone. In england, if you're found with a knife on you (because apparently a knife is meant to keep you safe) then you'll get a prison sentence just for having one on you.
If Americans were smart enough to say "Okay, maybe we DO have the right to bear arms..but maybe only particular people should ?"
Americans want to have their guns and rifles because it gives them a false sense of security. If a team of robbers actually wanted to invade your house and steal everything then they should be smart enough to either do it when you're not at home OR when you're fast asleep and just have superior numbers that can overwhelm you from EVER getting to your rifle or pistol.
In a shooting situation, it is chaos and people will just panic and get out. Nobody needs to carry a gun at school or the cinema or the shopping center. If normal everyday people want to go around killing people, then maybe Americans should agree that guns are NOT good for society and they should not be legal.
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