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Back in elementary/middle school the computer lab has all access computers, and it was awesome. Only 3 or so were working properly with XP, the rest were Windows 95/98 with various issues(I was the computer wiz of the class thanks to my dad's profession and the fact that I was the only one at age 7 able to use the mouseless one XD), and when we would use them it was great. We got to play neopets during class, go on AOL, and some myspace towards the 7th grade/8th grade. We even had one mac, and it was the most amazing, solid piece of hardware the Comp Lab held. It was the first of those All in Ones, white with very glossy plastic, kind of like the 3DS. It was all fun and games, until someone did the impossible and got a virus on it. That's right, somehow some way we managed to bork a mac on an OS level.

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