Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Luria.
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Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
A new hack? It's very nice :D
The story is simple but good.
I'll try the hack and let you know what I think.

Okay i've finished the beta. The game is not bad.
Many text are strange anyway. This is my team:
I know, is very odd and low.

And here there are some bug that i found:

Keep it up!
I can not wait for the new beta!
Thank you for your testing, i'll fix those bugs right away.

Originally Posted by mikethepokemaster View Post
this looks interesting im going to try it.
thanks. i hope you enjoy the beta

Originally Posted by 345200 View Post
Thank you for sharing,new hack is good
Your welcome.

Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard View Post
Hey, doesn´t look bad. Hope that you´ll finished this hack since I already liked your previous hack ideas. Good luck!
Thanks i really like this hack as well, i'm definitely going to finish it because my mates are gonna kill me if i quit it

Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
No. It doesn't need more screenshots for it to be more appealing. More screenshots doesn't mean more people. It depends on the quality and time being spent on it. That being said, you're mapping could use some work. The 3rd, 5th and 6th screenshot looks so plain. Why not add like more trees, rocks, decorations, etc?
Yeah i was thinking on adding another tree tile but i go for a nintendo/natural style
i don't like natural style on it's own. Too much grass and it's harder to maneuver.

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
This hack is great, but in order for it to be more appealing, you have to include more screenshots of a variety of places. I know you're trying not to spoil too much for the potential players. But hey! let's face it, how much can a map spoil eh? I'll be playing later on. Good luck with the progress of your hack! this has a LOT of potential from what I have seen.
Sorry, i'll update it hopefully tomorrow if i don't have work
i'm going to work on this tonight if i can.

Anyways guys thanks for the feedback and i hope i can deliver some satisfaction