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Evan Lee Gildred

Eva watched curiously, as the young man seemed to freeze for a second after him calling out in his direction. His line of sight seemed to have been fixated on his hair, which granted, was a tad unusual as these things went. He giggled when the boy turned away and wiped the remnants of bloody sausage from his chin. Eva returned to his pancake with trepidation, not wholly keen on forcing another bite down his gullet. Finally the boy answered him, contrary to his own opinion on the very food he was so down on. He thought about it and figured everyone had their own tastes. Maybe his palate was just spoiled by the things him and his mom would whip up when they had a chance. Whenever his father hadn’t been around, they would create the most wonderful and admittedly, sometimes, disastrous concoctions. You only learned through trial and error. But, more often than not, the results would be praise worthy. Things this cafeteria breakfast could never wish to hold a candle to.

He looked up from his food, admittedly nervous at actually attempting to carry on a conversation. A small smile crossed his lips as he nodded and toyed with his pancake absentmindedly. “Uhm, I, uh,” he pursed his mouth and thought about what to say. “T-that would make sense. I m-mean, there has to be different seasonings here in this realm.” It wasn’t the most profound statement in the inhabited world, but it took a lot just to get that out. Why had he been cursed with this inability to express himself like he so desired? Of all the things that could be considered a curse in his life, this was the top of the cake.

The boy got around to introducing himself, Gavin. It was a nice name, strong and fitting to his look, Eva thought. Some people just had that. That moment when somebody introduces themselves and a moment in time passes where you think, “You look like a so and so.” Eva had one of them, as his eyes ran appraisingly up and down, carefully avoiding contact with his eyes. But the most curious thing happened. Gavin was a mage! He had never met one before. It fascinated him to no end. There had been legends and stories, some of them surely exaggerated to the extreme. Eva’s eyes widened and lit up as Gavin went about chilling his milk. He could hardly contain his excitement at the trick. It was like Ashling’s sheath all over again. Then everything came crashing down on his mind. He could never tell Gavin what kind of Youkai he was.

“I’m Eva, just well, Eva. It’s really nice to meet you, Gavin.” He looked down at his food and thought about where to go with the conversation. Why did these things come so naturally to others and not him. Did others have to think about what to talk about? Pushing his tray forward, he looked at the other boy and opened his mouth with slight hesitation. “Would you like my sausage?” He asked him pleasantly, his small dimples showing on his face again as he smiled. “I really don’t care for sausage anyway, so I’d really prefer it go to somebody who likes it rather than go to waste.”
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