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Position (multiple if necessary): Head of Story Development
Proof of Ability (if applicable): Pokemon: Super Rising Thunder!
Comments (if applicable): At heart, I am a storyteller. I've been writing and dreaming since I was old enough to pick up a pencil, and even before then; narrating stories to obliging family who would then write them down for me. I'm a writer to this day; slowly developing a fanfic along with the plot of my own hack. While it's certainly true that a game doesn't need a good story if its strengths in other areas make up for this (as in real Pokemon games), it's always been my personal philosophy that a good story can compliment and enrich gameplay - just like a good book, we want to keep playing. We strive to know what happens next! The plot doesn't need to be cliche; even if there's eight gyms and an Evil Team. The player character doesn't need to be a personality-less blank slate of an avatar (and they don't need to have dialogue to achieve this, either). The everyday folk you see wandering about in the towns and cities are deserving of dignity - real human beings don't spend their entire existence discussing nothing but the local fauna, after all - and these NPCs can bring just as much character and life to a map as the tiles and layout themselves. Supporting characters can be people you want to cheer for or people you want to see fall - and sometimes, both. Even "evil" Teams can have moral greys, and motives far deeper and more thought provoking than "take over the world with a legendary." The best story is the one that draws you entirely into its setting via worldbuilding; and makes you think and makes you question even after you've finished playing.

In this role as "head" of Story Development ("head" being in quotations here because even if I were elected to lead; I would still like to work closely with others); I would focus on:

Helping to choose/develop the plot - the good, the bad, and the ugly; from the surface on down. Is this going to be an eight Gyms/Evil Team deal, or something else? Is it set in the past? The present? The future? Old region or new?
Writing/helping to choose dialogue to give character to the setting (ie; worldbuilding)
Writing/helping to choose dialogue to give character to the game (serious, spirited, or humorous as the situation calls for)
Writing/helping to choose dialogue for canon characters from the Pokemon universe - if the community wants them to cameo - and helping to make sure they "stay true" to themselves. For example, if Ash were to appear he should act like Ash, not like a generic NPC. I've seen enough hacks get this wrong that if we do have canon characters cameo, I want us to do it right.
Writing/helping to choose dialogue in general
Assisting with development of the supporting characters and the Hero and/or Heroine. What sorts of people are these?
And the most important
: How this plot reveals itself throughout the course of the game. We don't want cutscenes constantly overwhelming the flow of the game and derailing gameplay; but nor do we want the plot to be so tepid that it hardly shows itself at all. This is a game first and foremost; not an interactive novel. If elected to this position I would consult with others to help develop a reasonable "plan" for the story arc - its buildup, conflicts, climax, and resolution from the start of the game to the end; utilizing lessons and criticism I've learned/received while developing Super Rising Thunder.

If not elected to this position, however, I'd be more than happy to help with these sorts of things anyway; perhaps as part of the story "team." My mother-hen help-the-newbies instincts have been long dormant with the death of the Scrapbox, and I'd really love to be involved in this in any way I can to assist and give back to this Pokecommunity that has in turn given me so much.

And on the topic of Fakemon and Gens IV to VI 'mon:

For Fakemon; it depends on the quality of the spriters we have and the quality of the ideas. They can work; but it's really quite chancy. I can't give a straight yes or no to this.
As for Pokemon beyond Gen III, I'm okay with them only if existing 'mon aren't overwritten to make room. Every 'mon is someone's favorite; after all, and no one likes to see a favorite be entirely erased in place of something they might not even like. Given that my favorite is the rather powerless and forgettable Plusle, this has happened to me before and I don't much like it. XD
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