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Quote originally posted by jashan345:
where and when do you get arceus
In DR2.

Quote originally posted by Ambushwhack:
I'm looking to make this my first ROM hack I've ever tried out. I've been watching one of the LP's (MExile's), and it looks like fun. A couple of questions:
- are the abilities only up to 3rd gen? I noticed some were changed in the LP. I'm curious to try out a Frillish with Cursed Body (I'm just getting back into Pokemon after 3rd gen. I got sick of needing a new playing system every couple of generations).
- As I understand it, ROM hacks are files you need to patch in, so I'd also need to acquire an emulator and a Fire Red file. Any tips for getting these virus-free? It's the virus part that's making me timid about simply searching for one.
Yes, they are virus-free... if you have avira or some other crappy anti-virus they may say it's a virus but that's because of crappiness of those anti-virus programs.

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